Sunday, April 25, 2010

smell the roses


got my hair did. contemplated each of these styles/colors. got something entirely different.

take a stance...

a wide, wide stance.

summer is in the air

can you feel it? light dresses, sunsets, florals?

zoot suit riot

white wedding

my bff is getting married (re-married?) this june and i have been picturing her easy-breezy country-lite wedding since she first told me.

can't wait to celebrate with you beb, it will be beautiful!!

years and years

it has come and gone. over a year since i have been blogging here. it feels irrelevant since i have been reading blogs and collecting photos for over 7 years now.

in any case, i thank you, all of you. for reading this. for providing me with photos. for fueling my inspiration. for the love i feel via comments and follows.

love you all and happy you and to me and to di fabulous!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

so soon...

things are happening so fast. i can't keep up.

it's almost time for this too, how quickly did that happen? only a month and a bit before satc 2!

i don't care what skeptics have to say, i have faith this will be epic.

oh...and i am a little more invested in it now that, well, you know...

p.s. for those that don't know, big is the spokesperson for biotherm homme, where i now work. so we're kinda close now ;)

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