Wednesday, April 29, 2009

fringe benefits

dress me up!

stairway to heaven

as part of the backyard makeovers, i am painting the creepy indoor staircase from my apartment to the shared yard. i want something fun and refreshing...or ironic and cheeky.

kinda love this idea...but only about 1% of my visitors would get it. mabe just a different colour on each step?

or an ode to my hard-partying ways...imagine the crazy effect this would have on the walls when the light bounces off them?

the more sensible side of me thinks this would be easiest:

and if it wasn't a winding staircase, this would be ideal!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

find a cure

this song has been in my head for days and days...and i'm still not sick of it!

what the balls?!

what are these you ask? only the most fun things in the world!! you can pull them apart and make all kinds of shapes and objects and...ok, there's not much you can do but they look so fun. i watched the video on their site and was totally mesmerized. oh the fun i could have with these things!!

Get your own...and buy me some too please!!
Bucky Balls

Sunday, April 26, 2009

hips don't lie

i will definitely not have any problem popping out kids, not with these hips (thanks ma, loves youuuu). but i will almost never be able to wear a jumper. oh how i love me a jumper.

look at this girl, rubbing it in my face! brihoche even kinda looks like me! ok, i get it, enough already....

oh, and these pretty numbers? bananas.
my mom uses this excuse when things are either a) ugly but "so cheap!" or b) gorgeous but doesn't flatter: "i'll just get it for, you know, around the house". like that is an occasion one needs a wardrobe for. well friends, i might just have to get these anyway...for around the yard perhaps?

can you mow the tiles?

i bought my place just after the summer. we said we would do the yard the following summer. our neighbours had the same brills idea...but needed to use our yard to do it...the thrills of attached homes. all this to say, summer 09 is officially the summer i get a backyard!!

it's a small yard but there is no need for grass...or well, i refuse to upkeep grass. ideally, i would love some kind of tiles...

maybe an island of tile in a sea of gravel?

or this, just cause it's so pretty...

wood might be nice too but the brutal montreal winters might be too tough on it.

or what about a nice mix, like this mess. looks like a home depot display, cram all alternatives into one, but you get the idea...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sing me a song

i have been filling my days with taxes...not mine, my mom's clients'. i have been helping her out, trying to keep my mind busy, while i avoid other things on my mind...typical of me.

today is the day i am officially unemployed. i have a huge list of things i want/need to do, but i will need a soundtrack first. where to go? my new fave site!!

i listen to everything

diana miller, the talent exec for carson daly's show (not a fan of daly but he always has great guests), has decided to blog about the bands she loves...and i love her for it. read, enjoy, i'll be back! xoxox

Sunday, April 12, 2009

karen 0

dayuuuum! i love me some yeah yeah yeahs. and i love karen o's crazy ass outfits even more!

not sure what snl is up to lately, but instead of playing two singles, they make the bands play their recent single and an oldie. mmmmk, i get it. you want people to know who they are...i could literally hear people going "ohhhh, them! i loooove this song" when she first said "maps!"...but serieux, i was dying to hear what else they would do live! blows.

anyway, how awesome is this woman!? i mean, who else can rock a bowl cut pass the age of 10? watch the vide0 for zer0....see what i did there, with the "0" instead if "o", clever.

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