Monday, September 28, 2009

how you feelin?

discovering new music

a lot of people ask me where or how i discover new music. i have to admit, i'm actually pretty lazy about it. i just pay attention to the sounds around me and when a song makes me listen a little harder, i dig a little deeper.

i am a slave to the shazam app. i often hear songs in stores or while at dinner or sipping drinks and just have to know who it is. once i discover a band through shazam, i will look them up online...and the chase begins. i will visit their own site to learn more about them, their myspace to stream music, and finally, the music blogs to find out their secrets.

some of my favourite music blogs are hype machine to stream songs or to look up remixes and covers, and stereogum to find out when new albums are coming out or who is on tour.

what about you? where do you go to find new music?

Friday, September 25, 2009


i love evian's designer collections. here is the latest edition, from paul smith:

pc capturing the seven via the dieline

gala y pelayo

welcome to fashion fridays! today we take a look at two spaniards who are taking over london's fashion scene!

many of you already know gala, a major player in the fashion blogosphere for years now. you may have seen her profile on chictopia, or visited her blog inside am-lul's closet.

gala is often photographed with her friend and fellow blogger, pelayo. like gala, pelayo is a fashion student *slash* model. he offers a look into the life of a newcomer on the fashion scene on his blog katelovesme.

they have become favourites on the blog scene, beeing snapped up by streetpeeper, disected on the pipeline, and adored by bryanboy.

pelayo has claimed gala as his muse, and it is clear that these two shine much brighter together...

loving these two! their clothes, their stories, their photos...there's so much inspiration there. check them out for yourselves!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

goodbye summer, hello fall

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


it has been a few weeks now that the words coming out of my mouth are not making any sense, not even to me. i blame mercury, it's in retrograde this month.

ugh, whatever, i can't do anything but laugh about it...

welcome back

oh, how i missed youuu....

Monday, September 21, 2009

di fabulous studio

after two years of living with roommates, i finally decided i needed my own space. so this week i begin the amazing transformation of the second bedroom into my own personal fabulous studio!

some inspiration...


lola and emily

i will post some before and afters when it is complete...which will hopefully be SOON!

third eye blind

i realize that choosing third eye blind as my first "music monday" band may compromise my music credibility, but stick with me here, i promise this will make sense...

i have been a third eye blind since day one. since i heard this song...

holy, thanks for ignoring the lame image, it was the only way i could find the song...

it has been six years since they released an album, their fourth, and although i am still listening to ursa major so i can love it as much as the first three, it is definitely worth a listen.

this is one of two albums, ursa minor will be released later this year. this is also the first time one of their albums has debuted at number 1 (in the us) which, as a long time fan, i am sooo proud of!

their sound, a little pop, a little more punk, to me, is the perfect reminder of my trips to san francisco (their hometown). every song brings me back to that bay...

and then of course there is lead singer, stephan jenkins...

gah, i know, so obnoxious, so arrogant...and that lisp? i dunno, call me an idiot, i love him!

join me again next monday kids for more music...xox

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a new chapter

today is my birthday, yay! i love fall, it is a time for change, and what better day to start making changes than your birthday?

i start with a new layout for the blog (this is temporary, more to come). there are other things i have planned for this blog so stay tuned. i will be offering more "my stuff" features, more consistent posts and the introduction of "music monday" and "fashion friday", original no? :P

i would like to thank you all for sticking with me despite my absence. been a busy bee and things are finally falling into place. change is a comin!!

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