Monday, September 28, 2009

discovering new music

a lot of people ask me where or how i discover new music. i have to admit, i'm actually pretty lazy about it. i just pay attention to the sounds around me and when a song makes me listen a little harder, i dig a little deeper.

i am a slave to the shazam app. i often hear songs in stores or while at dinner or sipping drinks and just have to know who it is. once i discover a band through shazam, i will look them up online...and the chase begins. i will visit their own site to learn more about them, their myspace to stream music, and finally, the music blogs to find out their secrets.

some of my favourite music blogs are hype machine to stream songs or to look up remixes and covers, and stereogum to find out when new albums are coming out or who is on tour.

what about you? where do you go to find new music?


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