Saturday, May 30, 2009

it will turn your tide

love this song as much as i do, i know you will.

still not sure which version i love best...
the live version, the first time i ever heard it, on jimmy fallon?
the album version, and the stunning video that goes with it?
or the accoustic set?

they say you can tell that a song is well written if it can be played accoustically...just sayin.

di geek

anyone who knows me knows that there is a geek deep within me. this geek could not have been more excited when she saw the pilot episode of fox' new series about, of all things, a glee club.

i laughed, i totally cried, and i sang (badly) to every song! can't wait for the full season, starting this fall.

am i alone in this? any other hidden geeks out there? and hello, did anyone catch the stuttering asian twirl the guitar-playing nerd in the wheelchair? classic.

Friday, May 29, 2009

eyeliner and cigarettes

it's no secret, i love lady gaga. yeah, she's batshit crazy, wears no pants, and looks like she tries too hard...but that's just it, she doesn't try at all! the girl is mega talented; she writes her own songs, sings her own songs, then plays them, on the piano (with her foot!!) while wearing a dress made of bubbles?! hello?! i wish i could do one of those things!

she reminds me of the little girl inside me: "i'm going to do this today cause i feel like it and it makes me happy!". "today i want a purple bob with black geisha-style lips. why? cause i said so". done! "this tea cup? i love it. i want it with me forever and always...or for the next few days. why? cause i said so". ok! yup, she is the little bratty girl that gets away with anything and everything and doesn't care what you think. i love her.

my fave song off her album is her latest single. and although it may seem like you've seen it a million times before (britney's 'lucky", gwen's "cool", even the lady herself in "just dance"), this video is hawwwt. enjoy, cause i said so!

Paparazzi Video

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sun and sleep

i have been in florida for close to a week now. i figured i would get some sun and collect my thoughts...while keeping my mom company in what is quickly becoming our second home.

the weather is a little bonkers though. it rains and then the sun is blistering hot, and then there is lightning, and thunder, and wind, then more sun. i can't keep up. i end up getting so much sun that i get burnt and then have a har time staying awake...

sleep, sun, repeat.

Monday, May 18, 2009

come to my window

too cool

if all cigarettes were pink, i think i would have been a smoker.

garance dore

ruffle her feathers

so romantic, so playful...i love feathers. i was at a wedding yesterday with feathers included in the decor and just loved it.

goodbye chuck

another season over. i saw it already, i will reserve comment. but watch it. do it. swoon. it's fab.

hate you vanessa...bye

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

find me

charlie: "pleeeease tell me we will get some answers tonight" hurley: "dude, for the last time...i. don't. know."

etsy find

i'll be honest, etsy overwhelms me. not sure when or how it happened, but i came across kristina's work one day while looking for art for my bathroom. there is something so simple and innocent about her work. i bought a series of chanel bottles for one wall, here are a few...

and i couldn't resist the lipsticks for my little vanity section:

i used to work for mac and now i have a whole room dedicated to the storage of all the product i accumulated while i worked there. this just might have to be my next purchase...

i love her work, and this is only a small sample of what she has in stock. take a look for yourself...emmakisstina on etsy

she also posts her latest on her blog



because he's so cute
because i have a thing for jewish boys
because we have the same name...andy and andy, andy squared?
because i love cake...and sprinkles
because i think he may actually make an mtv awards show watchable
just cause

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

for me...from me

woodchuck could chuck whore

not that i'm looking at the clothes...

what chuck wore

Monday, May 11, 2009

uh oh, i kinda hated it. the sneak-peak via 80s flashbacks of lily and rufus' lives (aka the upcoming gossip girl spinoff series) was not as thrilling as i thought it would be. too forced. too many montages. maybe the actual show will be better? fingers crossed anyway, i had such high hopes....i'm pretty sure i just don't like brittany snow. what do you think?

of course, the show was saved by the chuckster himself. swoon.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

hour after hour

play with it, thank me later...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

paranormal panda

what are the chances i have these two photos on my computer somewhere and they somehow pop up, one after the other, in my screensaver-slideshow!?!? spooky!

highlights on the d.l.

sunkissed? half-head? majah roots? not-so-obvious highlights are everywhere. i like.

is this sandra bullock?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the other "gio"

giovanna battaglia, editor of Vogue L'UOMO, has been seen lately with this gorgeous cameo ring. my mom loves it. what i wouldn't do to track this di fabulous find!


with mom on my mind...these are her favourite images from the Life Magazine Classic Collection. Kids enjoying a puppet show...warms the cockles.

mamma mia

mother's day is coming up and i wanted to start my "ode to mom" by celebrating my mother's impeccable style.

i always had a thing for grade 2, i would ONLY wear black sweat pants. everyday, a different pair. no excuses. grade 5, you couldn't get my jean jacket off me. in summer, in winter, always a jean jacket. then there were the "skater" days of high school, the "label wh*re" days of college, and the "thrift finds" that followed that. it wasn't until a few years ago that i realized, my mother had a HUGE influence on my sense of style.

i find myself looking at pictures of my mom when she was my age and loving what she wore...and then realizing i have something similar in my own closet. let's have a look...i love you mommy, xoxox

i would steal this entire outfit in a second. awesome boyfriend blazer, tube top (which i became a huge fan of at a young age, thanks to mom)...and high waisted bell bottoms?!? loves it.

there is something about flowy shirts that i have a huge weakness for. and the hat? perfection.

great dress, amazing hair...and i swear i just bought a pair of shoes exactly like those!

oh man, what can i say? glam! these boots are pretty killer too! i think these were her days of working at holt renfrew...such a fashionista.

love the bag, looooove the sweater. and di fabulous sultry stare?! i think my dad was on the other end of the camera...

she looks to young to have me holding her hand here. i love that classic pant suit.

uh, so i wore pretty much this exact same outfit yesterday. effortless chic. i mean, she just gave me a bath, she is doing chores, and she still looks cool.

there you have it kids, di fabulous gio and her fabulous style! love you ma!

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