Friday, May 29, 2009

eyeliner and cigarettes

it's no secret, i love lady gaga. yeah, she's batshit crazy, wears no pants, and looks like she tries too hard...but that's just it, she doesn't try at all! the girl is mega talented; she writes her own songs, sings her own songs, then plays them, on the piano (with her foot!!) while wearing a dress made of bubbles?! hello?! i wish i could do one of those things!

she reminds me of the little girl inside me: "i'm going to do this today cause i feel like it and it makes me happy!". "today i want a purple bob with black geisha-style lips. why? cause i said so". done! "this tea cup? i love it. i want it with me forever and always...or for the next few days. why? cause i said so". ok! yup, she is the little bratty girl that gets away with anything and everything and doesn't care what you think. i love her.

my fave song off her album is her latest single. and although it may seem like you've seen it a million times before (britney's 'lucky", gwen's "cool", even the lady herself in "just dance"), this video is hawwwt. enjoy, cause i said so!

Paparazzi Video


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