Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mamma mia

mother's day is coming up and i wanted to start my "ode to mom" by celebrating my mother's impeccable style.

i always had a thing for grade 2, i would ONLY wear black sweat pants. everyday, a different pair. no excuses. grade 5, you couldn't get my jean jacket off me. in summer, in winter, always a jean jacket. then there were the "skater" days of high school, the "label wh*re" days of college, and the "thrift finds" that followed that. it wasn't until a few years ago that i realized, my mother had a HUGE influence on my sense of style.

i find myself looking at pictures of my mom when she was my age and loving what she wore...and then realizing i have something similar in my own closet. let's have a look...i love you mommy, xoxox

i would steal this entire outfit in a second. awesome boyfriend blazer, tube top (which i became a huge fan of at a young age, thanks to mom)...and high waisted bell bottoms?!? loves it.

there is something about flowy shirts that i have a huge weakness for. and the hat? perfection.

great dress, amazing hair...and i swear i just bought a pair of shoes exactly like those!

oh man, what can i say? glam! these boots are pretty killer too! i think these were her days of working at holt renfrew...such a fashionista.

love the bag, looooove the sweater. and di fabulous sultry stare?! i think my dad was on the other end of the camera...

she looks to young to have me holding her hand here. i love that classic pant suit.

uh, so i wore pretty much this exact same outfit yesterday. effortless chic. i mean, she just gave me a bath, she is doing chores, and she still looks cool.

there you have it kids, di fabulous gio and her fabulous style! love you ma!


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