Thursday, June 11, 2009

style and the city

"paris street style & beauty"

not sure what makes this site...the parisians, or the eye of blogger/photographer kamel lahmadi. the hard part, i'm sure, is not finding stylish people in paris, but getting them to pose for a picture. maybe it's cause he's one of them but somehow kamel manages to not only capture the fantastic clothes of these mere pedestrians, but their high spirits as well. they all seemed flattered and happy and in love...well, it is paris afterall ;)

enjoy a few of my recent faves, or find your own here.



Hi Andy

thank you very much for your compliment about my work as a street style photographer in Paris

I wanted to send you the link about the birth and the human values of my project but my connection is very slow where i am right now

i just try to humlanize fashion by showing how real women are more beautiful than in magazines

i will ad your link to my blog roll tonigh when i go home

you can donwload the slide on your blog if you want to see new pictures every week.

let's keep in touch as i want to create a new website with a great contest to win trip to Paris !

cheers from Paris

Kamel Lahmadi
Yes, we can change the world

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