Monday, August 3, 2009


i was hiding out all weekend at montreal's annual 2-day music festival, osheaga. kinda dissapointed in the fashion but i think it had to do with the wonky weather. totally humid and hot on day one and then monsoon-like rains on day two. anyway, here are the music highlights:

arctic monkeys

harder than usual, maybe they are experimenting with heavier drugs? still, there is something about this young lad that makes me swoon every time i see them live...

lykke li

you know the love i have for this woman. she was amazing live. the energy, oh man, you couldn't help but be hypnotized. and lil wayne AND tribe called quest covers? i was in heaven.

la roux

if you haven't yet, go download some la roux, she is hotttt. one of the biggest surprises of the festival, an amazing performance.

yeah yeah yeahs

oh, karen o. this is the second time i had seen them this summer (acutally, it was only two weeks before) and i can never get enough. she is amazing, what can i say!? one of my favorite bands of all time. epic performance.

oh, did i mention i was there with my boyfriend?

yup, adrian grenier (aka entourage's vince chase) was there performing with his band the honey brothers and i just happened to bump into him ;)

have you been to any festivals? any good stories to share?


Ms. Case said...

oh snap! adrian grenier...please say you laid one on him?! or at least ran your fingers through his locks of love. ;)

di fabulous said...

hahaha, well....i DID push his girlfriend out of the way to get the picture with him, but that's about it. (way cuter on tv sadly).

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