Friday, January 22, 2010

andrew wk won't let you down

i have had major insomnia for a week now and last night i decided not to fight it. i had seen an mtv clip regarding the andrew wk conspiracy theory and....what? you never heard of it either?

i have been a fan since forever and i was totally oblivious to all this but apparently there has been much speculation about who/what andrew wk is. so my inability to fall asleep led me to look it up...stupid move.

there were pages and pages and video after video FULL of this whole drama i had no idea existed. needless to say i slept about 2.43 hours last night and spent the rest of today reading ALL of it.

my conclusion? they all be haters and/or 14 year olds with nothing better to do. duh it's the same guy. the same guy i looooooove. besides, isn't it all about the music and the PARTY?

still one of my favorite songs/videos/messages of all time. enjoy. and long live andrew wk!


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