Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fall into him

i have wanted to post about the fall since day 1 of this blog. but every time i do my blog rounds, someone else has already mentioned it. and so, to not bombard everyone, i waited.

if you haven't already, you must SEE THIS MOVIE!! it is beautiful, both visually and in its meaning. you will laugh, and cry and mostly, be in awe of the beautiful landscapes and colors.

and then, you will notice him. lee pace, the most adorable, underrated actor of our time. then, like me, you will watch all the other movies he's in (miss petigrew lives for a day, a single man, the good shepherd, when in rome) and then rent pushing daisies and swoon. yeah, he's that cute!

right? am i right?

pushing daisies

a single man

miss petigrew lives for a day

ahhhh, thank you for letting me take care of this. hope you enjoy him as much as i do.


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