Monday, February 8, 2010

will the real tay-tay please stand up

so taylor left rachel zoe, old news.
she now works at everyday minerals...mmmmk?
then she started her own blog. coughthezoereportcough.

and have you read it?
first of all, the name: love, taylor ???
heart??????? for serious? what!?!
and then "love"? not "up yours, tay-tay", cause that seems more fitting no?

ok, content wise, i am ok with it. i don't live in LA, prob will never visit, and couldn't care less about shopping there. but if you keep showing me pics of your closet, i will let it slide.

but tay, let's be real, this voice? this sugarry, sappy, "love y'all!!!" voice? who the eff is that? not the taylor i know! it should read a little more like:

ughhh!! this is where i shop...and like, why do you care!? now you're all going to look like me and like, i just don't deal with that. a bunch of little tay-tays everywhere? no. no. i won't allow it. just stay home. i don't shop. no. go away. don't touch me. up yours, tay-tay"

and the pictures would be more like this:

now that's a career change i could deal with. taylor, please girl, keep it real.


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