Friday, February 5, 2010

nappy head

having curly hair, "knot" takes on a whole other a massive dread that forms at the nape of your neck from laying on the couch all week with a cold. NOT like these beautifully messy, casual "knots" of staight hair that seem to effortlessly keep the fly aways at bay. le sigh.


Caroline said...

Oh god I hear you. I don't really have nappy hair - it won't dread - but it stands up straight when I've been in bed. Once I was hospitalized and scared the crap out of myself when I finally looked in the mirror. :S

Caroline of Red Glasses

di fabulous said...

no way!? that's how i discovered my hair's ability to dread!!

i was in a hospital bed for way too long and the back of my head was one huge knot! not pretty! hahaha!

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