Saturday, February 13, 2010

ready, steady, go!

i have been unemployed for almost a year now. it was a struggle to remain positive and brave and hold out for that perfect solution. i tried a lot of different things. nothing that stuck. nothing that i regret.

starting monday, i am embarking on an exciting new chapter of my life. it happened quickly and very unexpectedly. i was hired for what is essentially my "dream job".

i would like to take a second to remind any of you out there who are in a similar situation, that you really have to never stop believing. i knew it was a matter of time. i didn't let others influence me. i didn't let the time that went by go wasted. and i stuck to my guns and waited (proactively) for it to come.

i now feel like i am in a totally different place then i was just a little under a year ago. i am truly ready for this life change. and i know that this blog is a part of that. thanks for sticking with me through the ups and downs. we're on a good streak now and i plan on keeping it that way ;)

stay inspired. keep believing. xoxo andy


Caroline said...

Cool! Congratulations, very happy for you! What type of job are you going to work?

I'm unemployed right now too and I have to say, it's a great time to reevaluate what is important to you and what you really want to do in life.

Caroline of Red Glasses

Stephanie said...


I have a very similar outlook on things in life and in due time, good things happen. but you have to be proactive, reasonable and positive in the "downtime".

Good luck in this next chapter!!! xx

di fabulous said...

Thanks ladies!!

I hope you both get all you hope for ;)

I start as a marketing specialist at l'oreal tomorrow. More details to come so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

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Lydia said...

oh my.. what a beautiful coincidence! I also have been unemployed for a long time now and I'm re-evaluating if I should pursue my dream or just take any job that pays, it's also my first time on your blog today. this must be a sign! lol.

di fabulous said...

Haha, that is a nice coincidence!! Welcome to my blog, more to come is just a little hectic right now (in a great way!).

Hang in there!! ;)

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