Monday, February 1, 2010

she steals from 'wardrobe' doesn't she?

uggggh, waaaaaaaah! as if it wasn't enough that she ALREADY has the perfect boyfriend, now she shows off her killer wardrobe everywhere i look too!?! leave me alone!!

the perfect tee...

the perfect tank...

the perfect coat...

all photos via stardust memories

she has it all. and ok ok, she looks great. le sigh.


Stephanie said...

LOL!!!! too funny! and you're so right + she's gorgeous: totally underrated on GG.

thanks for the credit ;)

who'd you meet? It is SUCH a small world lol!


di fabulous said...

joanna!? so funny, i was like "oh i 'know' her!!"

hahaha, internet-knowing someone is so weird to explain sometimes ;)

My Favourite Things said...

I love that last look! Mind you, she'd look good in anything- so pretty!

Come and enter my Valentine's giveaway!

Jenny Dames said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way.

di fabulous said...

she definitely does look good in everything!

so glad others share in my envy ;)

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